Suite #G05 Refrigerator List as of 10/31/16

Please Note: This inventory does not include Wine, Spirits & High-Point alcoholic beverages. This is an inventory reflecting items purchased and provided through OSU Cowboy Dining. 

For any questions or assistance please contact Hunter Whitford at (405) 744-6960 or

Bud Light  
Coors Original   
Coors Light  2
Miller Lite   
Michelob Ultra  
Redd's Apple Ale   
Stilly Wheat  
Red Bull   
Sugar Free Red Bull  
Red Bull Yellow  
Pineapple Juice   
Cranberry Juice  
Apple Juice   
Orange Juice  
Grapefruit Juice  
Tomato Juice   
Bloody Mary Mix  
Margarita Mix   
Sweet & Sour Mix  
Club Soda  
Tonic Water  
Ginger Ale  

Go Pokes!!!