Suite #G06 Refrigerator List as of 10/31/16

Please Note: This inventory does not include Wine, Spirits & High-Point alcoholic beverages. This is an inventory reflecting items purchased and provided through OSU Cowboy Dining. 

For any questions or assistance please contact Hunter Whitford at (405) 744-6960 or

Budweiser   5
Bud Light  4
Coors Original   
Coors Light  2
Miller Lite   
Michelob Ultra  1
Redd's Apple Ale   
Stilly Wheat  6
Red Bull   
Sugar Free Red Bull  
Red Bull Yellow  
Pineapple Juice   
Cranberry Juice  3
Apple Juice   
Orange Juice  4
Grapefruit Juice  
Tomato Juice   
Bloody Mary Mix  
Margarita Mix   
Sweet & Sour Mix  
Club Soda  
Tonic Water  
Ginger Ale  

Go Pokes!!!